Michele is a landscape architect, urban planner, graphic facilitator and illustrator based in Vancouver, BC.



Michele Cloghesy is professional registered Landscape Architect and Urban Planner.  She has over 25 years experience on a wide range of public and private sector projects.  Michele excels at community and neighbourhood master planning creating solutions that are sustainable and memorable.

Bear Mount Resort Community Village Centre



Michele balances careers in both Urban Planning and Graphic Illustration. She has degrees in both Fine Arts and Landscape Architecture. Michele received her Bachelor of Fine Arts in Traditional Illustration from the Art Academy University in San Francisco. She has also attended the renown Illustration Academy in 2009.

From her extensive experience in Community Planning, Michele uses her strong 3 dimensional skills to design and depict memorable places. Michele’s process involves mixing hand drawing skills with computer enhancement to creative truly unique illustrative solutions.

Fork to Farm Public Education Initiative


Written communication is enhanced through descriptive imagery that supports the information.  Michele’s exemplary graphic skills assist in explaining complex technical ideas in an approachable, friendly manner.

Conceptual Model for Human Health Risk Assessment

Graphic Facilitation

Graphic Facilitation is a unique skill combining ideas shared in a group environment and relaying them in visual form.  Michele excels at graphic facilitation for complex and timely topics facing communities today.  As an urban planner, she is highly effective at communicating thoughts artistically in real time.  She has provided graphic facilitation services to numerous public and private sector clients including: Vancouver Public Library, Lululemon, Calgary Public Library and VanCity.


IMG_1719 copy
Graphic Facilitation for Public Library Planning Process

8097282520_5d628bf2b6_z copy Calgary library panel 3